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How to calculate how much will be the electricity bills for your operating electric heater?

E lectricity bill have to be paid for the energy you have utilized in the form of electricity. Electricity company bill you for your energy consumption in kwh. A kwh energy is said to be consumed, if a 1kw consuming device or appratus is stayed turned ON for one hour. This is the simplest definition you can find at various other website too. But there is a something you have to bother about. The electricity bill, for instance a 1HP(745W) motor, can be higher than what the device is consuming. The reason is that often devices or apparatus, like motor, have capacitance and inductance associated with them. Because of these, inductance and capacitance, the power factor is less than one. which results in extra loads to the transmission system and hence, electricity company charges for these unnecessary load. Don't worry if you so not understand power factor at this point of time.In very simple form, remember, the more the power factor, lower will be the reactive power consumtion(A power

Common Electrical Insulation Materials

From this Image you may now have guessed what is this post about and about what we will be discussing further. Yes it is Ceramics which is widely used electrical insulation materials. But they aren't alone. There are other materials as well often termed as modern ceramics which offer a great deal of customization according to need. Ceramics have been known to human kind from ancient civilization, mainly for use as utensils. But now in the modern world they are mostly being used in electrical and electronic industries, Pharmaceuticals, Furnace Bricks and Lining, Glass, Cement, pottery, Sanitary wares. From now we Confine our self with the use of ceramics in regards to Industrial Heating in general and with electrical Heater in particular. To Start with, We might ask ourself  the question: why only ceramics is use in electrical heater? To answer this lets start in the reverse direction i.e by asking  when will a substance conduct an electrical current?. Any substance carry cur