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Got your cartridge heater stuck in the die? See how you can remove them out.

If you are in the maintenance department, in a plastic processing factory, you may have came across the stated Problem. In this article, let’s try to address this issue with a practical point of view.    Cartridge Heater seems the only viable source of concentrated heat in the dies. These heaters have a relatively short life as compared to other similar heater used in industry. The problem even gets worse, when these heater get stuck in the dies. The Reason for it is that, when the heater starts heating, due to thermal expanding, the circumference of the heater expands and thus the heater fits the bore size very tightly. While this property of expansion is beneficial, as it results in getting rid of air pockets, that remains in between the bore and heater body, It become a headache for the service personnel to remove the heater after its failure. Some urge the concept, that, while heating the heater expands, on the other hand why does not it shrink on cooling. The reason for